Thursday, May 29, 2008

She's honey and the bees don't know it.

My baby girl, my love. We went to the zoo recently and had such a good time (my family fit's right in;) Just thought I'd share a few shots of Sammy during our trip to the zoo (Jaden wouldn't cooperate for the camera, imagine that:).

Until next time have a blessed day :)

Monday, May 12, 2008

Baby Announcements!

Beautiful baby announcements are now available! All announcements are fully customizable from wording to colors. I have nearly 20 to choose from and they are printed on beautiful art paper (various paper samples to choose from as well). Announcements start at $45 for a set of 25, please inquire to view all of my samples!

Friday, May 9, 2008

Miss "K"

I have been trying to include a picture with each post since that's why you're here, right? Here is a pic of Miss "K" isn't she a dolly?

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Mother's day special ending soon...

Just a reminder that the Mother's day special ends this Sunday, so if you were still wanting to purchase a collection for 20% off there's only 3 days left! Saturday's are filling up fast, for those of you who need a weekend appointment, please let me know. I have one Saturday left this month and only two left in June. Here are a few more pics from the commercial shoot that I've been waiting to share.

Friday, May 2, 2008

Model search coming soon...stay tuned!

I forgot to mention that I will be teaming up with the owner of... (I can't tell you yet:) to shoot the fall clothing lines and we will be doing a model search for children ages 0-4 to sport the latest fashions for the clothing shoot. So if you have a little cutie or know someone who does, stay tuned for the details!


Sorry I have been MIA the past few weeks, I am barely catching my breath! As I have posted previously I have been working on a commercial shoot so I have been trying to keep up with the deadlines so the site can launch on time. In the midst of this I had also volunteered to host a training session for a non-profit I am a part of this week and needed to take care of the food, seating, and some things the trainer needed. Did I mention my quarterly taxes were due as well? I almost forgot...yikes!! Life has almost returned to normal except I also have family visiting this weekend (I am not complaining, I LOVE company...really:) and if you could only see my house after the past few weeks, well, lets just say it is suffering from neglect (don't get my husband on that subject ;0). If you have been waiting for proofs or shipments, I am SO SORRY! I am back in the game and you will be getting my utmost attention. Ok, ok, I know you don't really want to read about my weekly woes, you want pictures, although I am waiting for model releases, I do have a quick shot I can share with you because my little guy was the model (and I give myself permission to use it:) Hopefully I will be able to get the releases soon and share them with ya'll. Have a fabulous day!

I must also add that my son LOVED this outfit, when we put it on him he said "Mom, can I keep this on, can we take it home?". He is getting to the age where he is noticing clothing trends and when I take him shopping he lets me know his opinion, he'll say, "No mom, that's not cool!" how funny!