Saturday, July 19, 2008

A series of unfortunate events...

Ok, so I'm not talking about the children's book or movie but rather the past week of my life. I really have so much to blog about but am sitting in my car downtown to have wifi access and do not have much time to expand. What I will say is that we had a wonderful trip to Honduras and I have lots of pictures to post, which I promise to share as soon as life has calmed down. We returned home last Saturday evening and took a few days to recoup from jetlag. Now some of you may or may not know that my husband recently received his bachelors degree and is currently applying for dental school. Through our college journey we have been apartment managers in addition to starting my photography business. This Thursday afternoon there was a fire in our building that destroyed two homes. Fortunately nobody was hurt and our apartment escaped untouched. Unfortunately we now have a great deal going on in our lives as a result of this recent event and have been on the phone for what seems like three days straight. For those of you involved in The Dapper Baby modeling I wanted to let you know that we will begin shooting the second week of August. I also want you all to know that if you are trying to contact me I may not be able to reply as quickly as usual as I do not have internet access and may not have it up and running for another month (some cables were destroyed in the fire and they were damaged so badly that we will have to wait for the contractor to start the reconstruction). I will have to head downtown or go to a library for internet access and will do my best to go as regularly as my schedule permits. That will have to sum it up for now, I will try to post this coming week and fill you in on more details and hope to share some great images from our trip. In the meanwhile please keep the families mostly affected by this tragedy in your prayers, neither apartment had renters insurance and they both lost so much.

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Shannon said...

I know what it is like to have no access to the internet. I live closer to you than the library -- you can come over to my house at any time to use my computer, or do whatever you need!
Sorry all this has happened!